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JAMWiki Features?

Archived from the Feedback page:

I am trying to find out the answers to some questions regarding the features of JAMWiki, I am unable to find any definite answers, so I am hoping to acquire the answers here. This is research for a company.

I need to know if JAMWiki can do any of the following:

  • Does it allow importing of external documents to create a new document or to add as a new version to an existing one?
  • Does it allow exporting to an external document?
  • What type of formatting is allowed?
  • Are there any formatting restrictions?
  • Can the content be exported easily to other content management sites?

Thanks in advance. -- Van 20-Jun-2008 09:57 EDT

I'm unable to answer this fully now as I'm out of the country on vacation, but JAMWiki is a basic wiki and is not built specifically to interact with blogs. You may want to look into Bliki, which is a blog engine based on JAMWiki - that may offer more of the features that you are looking for. -- Ryan 20-Jun-2008 15:30 PDT

Thank you, but I do not need the wiki to have be able to interact with blogs, I am researching multiple aspects of differnt wikis for comparison. Thank you again for taking the time out from your vacation to answer. -- Van 01-Jul-2008 11:55 EDT