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JAMWiki 0.6.0

Archived from the Feedback page:


Work has started on JAMWiki 0.6.0, and the big change will be the addition of user roles. As a result some of the Acegi configuration is being modified, and since I've uploaded the latest code to things may be a bit flakey on the site - Bug Reports would be appreciated. In the mean time, the Special:Roles page is available to everyone so that people can comment on the administrative interface. It's a non-functional mockup in its early stages, and will change as development moves forward, but release early & often, right? In addition, Tech:User Permissions is available for those who want to comment on the implementation or those who have feature suggestions. -- Ryan 15-May-2007 21:35 PDT

Just a quick note to the awesome folks who have been translating JAMWiki into other languages - I've uploaded the latest English translations to, but these will most definitely change considerably over the next couple of weeks, so unless you don't mind updating things frequently it might be best to wait a while before translating the new keys. Once the new permission interface is finalized then the keys should be stable enough to be translated. -- Ryan 15-May-2007 21:55 PDT

Towards Beta 1

I've just updated to the latest code, including the new authentication & authorization code. Provided there are no surprises then the first 0.6.0 beta will probably be released later this week. If you encounter any problems please report them on the Bug Reports page, or if the issue prevents you from editing the wiki you can send an email, but please consider email to be a last resort.

Assuming no surprises I'm hoping the final release can be ready before the end of August, if not sooner. There are still some cleanups and minor features needed surrounding the new authorization code, and a few of the bug reports need to be addressed, but there shouldn't be any more major changes. At this point please report any problems, requests, or other issues that you'd like to see addressed before the final release. I can't promise anyone will address the issue before the final release, but if it's easy and you ask nice there's definitely a good chance. If it's a tough issue be sure to ask really nicely ;) -- Ryan 31-Jul-2007 22:44 PDT

JAMWiki 0.6.0 beta 1

An all-too-brief three months after the release of JAMWiki 0.5.4, the first beta for JAMWiki 0.6.0 is now available for the twos of users who have been clamoring for it. Be warned that this is a BETA release, and while it probably won't harm your children or run off with your girlfriend it should nevertheless be treated with caution.

The biggest new feature in the 0.6.x is the introduction of roles, which allow site administrators to customize permissions for their wiki. If you want to restrict access to the Special:Upload page, or to any other page, simply modify the user and group permissions from Special:Roles. This implementation was created using the lovely Acegi Security Framework and should therefore be flexible enough for most needs.

Other features of note include a conversion of the project structure to use Maven, courtesy of the tireless efforts of User:RegisDecamps and User:mikegr. These two have also contributed unit tests, cleanups, and other patches aimed at making the JAMWiki experience more pleasant.

The full list of changes is in the CHANGELOG.txt file and includes bugfixes, new translations from the amazing team of translators, and other goodies. I didn't create a source ZIP file for this beta, so please add a comment below if that's something you would like to have, although code is (as always) available in Subversion.

Further cleanups and bugfixes are forthcoming, but no new features are planned prior to the final release. Feedback is appreciated as always. -- Ryan 03-Aug-2007 21:43 PDT

JAMWiki 0.6.0 beta 2

Here's the second beta for JAMWiki 0.6.0. As far as I'm aware this version is pretty much complete, so the only steps remaining before a final release are getting updated translations and fixing any bugs.

Important: If you are already running a version of the 0.6.0 code you will need to create a new role from the Special:Roles page called "ROLE_SYSADMIN" and assign it to your system administrators. If you are running JAMWiki 0.5.4 or earlier then this step will be done automatically during the upgrade process.

Changes since the first beta:

  • Updated CSS for lists & paragraphs.
  • Fix for an Oracle bug that triggered with empty topic versions.
  • ROLE_ADMIN has been split into ROLE_ADMIN and ROLE_SYSADMIN.
  • Users are now logged-in after registering.
  • Translators will now see a "Translations" link in their user menu.
  • More help text.

Feedback is appreciated. Barring surprises the final 0.6.0 release should be ready in the next 1-2 weeks. -- Ryan 11-Aug-2007 16:27 PDT

Last steps before JAMWiki 0.6.0 final

Barring surprises the JAMWiki 0.6.0 final release will happen in the next 5-7 days. For those who can test the latest code, any reports of failure during new installs or upgrades from previous versions would be greatly appreciated. I've done numerous installs/upgrades with Tomcat and both Postgres and HSQL, and today tried an upgrade with Resin - all have been successful. I'll also do a test with Oracle and MySQL, but reports using other app servers or databases would be a huge help. In addition, if anyone encounters any bugs not already listed on the Bug Reports page, please report them! Last of all, anyone willing to help complete translations prior to the final release please see the How to Help#Translators page - aside from English and German I think every language is missing some translations, so assistance in completing the translation files would be really helpful. -- Ryan 17-Aug-2007 20:57 PDT

Due to some last-minute bug reports there will likely be a third beta release prior to the final 0.6.0 release. I'm hopeful that the new beta can be ready in the next day or two, which would then allow for a final release before the end of the month. -- Ryan 22-Aug-2007 23:47 PDT

JAMWiki 0.6.0 beta 3

Here's the third, and hopefully final, beta for JAMWiki 0.6.0.

Important: Users who have already upgraded to JAMWiki 0.6.0 should see the notes for JAMWiki 0.6.0 beta2 above regarding ROLE_SYSADMIN.

Changes since the last beta:

  • Fixed a permission issue reported by yesesnono that could prevent roles from being updated without a server restart.
  • Fix missing apostrophe in SQL used by MS SQL when displaying the Special:Listusers pages. Reported by yesesnono.
  • Fix incorrect constraint in SQL used by MS SQL that prevents recreating topics that have been deleted. Reported by yesesnono.
  • Fixed an Oracle install issue related to the jam_role table creation.
  • The jam_group table was not removed after an installation failure.
  • Updated Chinese translations (hfl).
  • Added Croatian translations (Marija Susovic).
  • Updated Danish translations (g9adm).

There is more testing needed, but barring further surprises this beta will become JAMWiki 0.6.0 within the next few days. -- Ryan 26-Aug-2007 21:48 PDT

Yet Another Delay

I was preparing to make the final release, and then while doing an upgrade with Oracle encountered a few new problems. So far I've been unable to reproduce the issues on my laptop, but the problems are annoying enough that I'd like to spend the weekend trying to get a fix prepared before pushing out a final release. The open source mantra is that things are "released when they are ready", but the 0.6.0 process is starting to get a bit ridiculous... -- Ryan 31-Aug-2007 11:23 PDT

I can't reproduce the Oracle problems, and I don't see anything in the code that would be likely to cause the issues, so my best guess at this point is that they were due to cached files in Tomcat. The 0.6.0 cycle has gone on for long enough, so I think it's time to sprinkle some pixie dust and declare 0.6.0 final. Look for the release in the next 24-48 hours, depending on when I can find a couple of hours to push everything to Sourceforge and write all of the various release announcements. -- Ryan 03-Sep-2007 09:51 PDT