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It appears that subst:Template functionality may not work[edit]

Archived from the Feedback page:

In reference to this help page:

{{subst:Name}} replaces that string with the contents of the template, in the source of the transcluding page, when you save that page; the copy of the template contents can then be edited normally (and separately from the original in the template page).

I created a template page (template:Foo), then added the template reference ({{subst:Foo}}) in another page (Bar). The new page (Bar) correctly displays the template (Foo), but when I go back to edit Bar, it still shows the template reference to Foo.

According to the quote above, I would expect Bar to now contain the code from Foo and not just a reference ({{subst:Foo}}). I have tried both {{subst:Foo}} and {{subst:Template:Foo}}.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm happy to enter a bug, if needed.

--loopback 22-Feb-2011 16:10 PST

Sounds like it might be a bug. If you could create a JIRA ticket it would be much appreciated. I'm fairly swamped with work at the moment, but I'll investigate as soon as time allows. -- Ryan • (comments) • 22-Feb-2011 17:03 PST