Active development of JAMWiki has ceased, and bug fixes and support will be limited at best. If you are interested in taking over management of JAMWiki please send an email to the jamwiki-devel mailing list.

JAMWiki 1.1

Download JAMWiki 1.1:

Release Notes

After more than seven months of development the action-packed JAMWiki 1.1 release (code name "My Dog Pancho") is now available for download from SourceForge. This release is a major release that contains significant new features as well as bug fixes and enhancements including:

  • Improved spam & problem user handling. Sites that face attacks from spambots and problematic users now have the option of enabling reCAPTCHA for combatting spambots on the account creation and edit pages, and JAMWiki now also includes a spam honeypot to catch some bot spam. Additionally, support has been added for temporarily or permanently blocking users and IP addresses from editing the wiki as a way of combating problem contributors.
  • Search enhancements. JAMWiki has upgraded to Lucene 3.3 and now offers the ability to filter search results by namespace. Search accuracy and performance should also be improved.
  • Image gallery support. Support has been added for the Mediawiki <gallery> tag, allowing users to add image galleries to topics.
  • UI updates. Various UI changes throughout JAMWiki should improve usability. Changes include a new editing toolbar that offers additional capabilities and a more intuitive look and feel, a new "View Source" tab that allows users without editing permission to view the wiki syntax for a topic, changes to display of external links to match Mediawiki behavior, the ability to automatically display links to other virtual wikis on the Special:RecentChanges page, and several other minor updates.
  • Administrative updates. In addition to the ability to block problem users and IP addresses admins can now permanently purge topic versions using the Special:Manage tools, and the contents of previously-deleted topics can be viewed from the Special:Manage page.
  • Performance improvements. Users of the default HSQL database should see significant performance improvements due to the upgrade to HSQL 2.2. Other minor improvements throughout the application should offer slightly better performance versus previous JAMWiki releases for all users.
  • Custom parser tag support. Changes to the parser have made it possible for developers to create HTML-like custom tags that can be integrated to a wiki via simple configuration updates. This feature is still experimental but will hopefully eventually allow sites to have greater flexibility over the types of content that can be rendered.
  • More. An array of translation updates, bug fixes, enhancements, and cleanups.

See below, as well as the CHANGELOG.txt and README.txt files included in the JAMWiki distribution, for further details. Please provide feedback on the Feedback page and report any bugs in the JIRA bug tracker. Bug reports should include any error messages from the logs and any additional information that can be used to diagnose the problem.

Installation & Upgrade Instructions

New Installs

See Installation#New Installs.


See Installation#Upgrades. When upgrading site administrators should be aware of the following issues that are specific to this release:

  • Backup your database prior to upgrading. This release makes changes to the database schema. The upgrade process will attempt to automatically update existing JAMWiki database setups. While the upgrade process is well-tested, a failure could leave your wiki database in an unusable state so users are STRONGLY encouraged to perform a backup prior to upgrading.
  • This release updates the default StyleSheet topic. Any custom modifications to the stylesheet will need to be restored after upgrading; past versions of the StyleSheet topic can be found by viewing that topic's history.
  • Topic "link" records need to be regenerated. The format for "link to" records has changed. The upgrade process will automatically rebuild these records for wikis containing less than 1000 topics, but administrators of larger sites will need to use the "Regenerate topic metadata records" tool on the "Data Utilities" tab of the Special:Maintenance page after the upgrade is completed.
  • This release updates the search engine and search index formats. The upgrade process will automatically rebuild the search index for wikis containing less than 1000 topics, but administrators of larger sites will need to rebuild the site search index using the "Rebuild Search Index" tool on the "System Utilities" tab of the Special:Maintenance page after the upgrade is completed.
  • External links now display differently. HTML links of the form "[]" will now display using numbered links to match Mediawiki behavior. The legacy behavior can be restored from the "Parser" tab of the Special:Admin page.
  • Database defaults have changed to optimize performance. Upgrading users may want to update these values by going to the "Database" tab of the Special:Admin page and changing the "Max number of idle connections" value to 15, and unchecking the "Test connections on return" option.


New Features

  • Support blocking specific users and IP addresses from editing and uploading via the new Special:Block, Special:Unblock and Special:BlockList pages.
  • Add optional reCAPTCHA support for combatting spam on the Special:Account and Special:Edit pages using captcha challenge-response.
  • Add a honeypot input, similar to Mediawiki, to help deter spambots.
  • Add support for the Mediawiki <gallery> tag for generating image galleries.
  • Add a "Filter search results by namespace" option to the Special:Search page.
  • Improve search performance, exclude redirects from search indexing, and weight topic names more heavily than topic content to improve accuracy. Existing JAMWiki installs should rebuild their search index using the tools on the Special:Maintenance page.
  • Update the editing toolbar with new look & feel and new functions.
  • Add a "View Source" tab to allow users who do not have permission to edit a topic to view its wiki markup.
  • Add the ability for sysadmins to permanently delete topic versions from the Special:Manage page. Requested by Tan-Vinh Nguyen.
  • Allow viewing of deleted topic versions from the Special:Manage page.
  • Display HTML links of the form "[]" using numbered links instead of the URL, which matches Mediawiki behavior. The legacy behavior can be restored from the "Parser" tab of the Special:Admin page.
  • Automatically display virtual wiki links in the left nav for the Special:RecentChanges page. This feature may be disabled from admin pages.
  • Support the #language parser function. Usage: "{{#language: code | optional return code}}".
  • Add support for the universal edit button plugin. See for further details.
  • Add experimental support for custom parser tags for the JFlex parser.
  • Enable DBCP prepared statement pooling to improve performance.
  • Reduce the number of fields presented to users on the Special:Account page when creating an account.
  • Remove ability to automatically upgrade from versions prior to 0.9.0.
  • Add RankingAlgorithm search engine support (nnagarajayya).
  • Limit the number of recent changes loaded by the "Reload Recent Changes" task on the Special:Maintenance page to improve performance.
  • Include common virtual wiki and interwiki options on both the Special:Admin and Special:VirtualWiki pages. Requested by floatingworld.
  • Special:Export no longer converts namespaces to the Mediawiki namespace for performance reasons. Namespaces will still be converted on import.
  • Updated spam filter patterns.
  • Upgrade to HSQLDB 2.2.4.
  • Upgrade to Lucene Search 3.3.
  • Upgrade to Ehcache 2.4.2.
  • Upgrade to commons-codec 1.5.
  • Upgrade to commons-dbcp-1.3.
  • Upgrade to commons-lang 2.6.
  • Upgrade to commons-pool 1.5.6.


  • Interwiki link CSS should match internal link CSS, not external link CSS, and if no link text is specified the default text should display the interwiki prefix. Reported by floatingworld.
  • Fix category redirects of the form "#REDIRECT [[Category:Example]]".
  • Custom authentication providers did not work during upgrades. Reported by Torsten Krah.
  • Fix a CSS problem which caused the footer to overlap the left nav on short pages.
  • The "name" attribute for anchors has been deprecated in HTML 5 / XHTML.
  • When a topic link is created in a case-insensitive way, such as "[[topic]]" when the actual topic name is "Topic", Special:OrphanedPages and Special:LinkTo will now recognize the link as being to the target topic.
  • Comments on their own lines should be completely removed when parsing and not treated as blank lines in order to match Mediawiki behavior.
  • Display a "no items found" message on pages such as Special:Categories and Special:AllPages when there are no items available for display.
  • Use a cache-buster request parameter with the jamwiki.js file to ensure that browsers do not use out-of-date Javascript. Reported by shar.
  • The parser should not generate edit links for invalid topic names such as "[[Invalid>Topic]]".
  • Do not drop sections from interwiki links such as "[[:iw:Topic#Section]]".
  • Fix search errors on NFS. Reported by Mahyar Sepehr.

Translation Updates

  • Updated Danish translations.
  • Updated French translations.
  • Updated German translations (axelclk).
  • Updated Japanese translations.
  • Updated Russian translations (shar).
  • Updated Spanish translations.