Active development of JAMWiki has ceased, and bug fixes and support will be limited at best. If you are interested in taking over management of JAMWiki please send an email to the jamwiki-devel mailing list.

Tech:JAMWiki 1.3

ktip.png This page (and all pages in the Tech: namespace) is a developer discussion about a feature that is either proposed for inclusion in JAMWiki or one that has already been implemented. This page is NOT documentation of JAMWiki functionality - for a list of documentation, see Category:JAMWiki.
Status of this feature: Initial work on JAMWiki 1.3 has begun, with development to last approximately six months after the release date of JAMWiki 1.2.

This document captures items that may be considered for implementation for the JAMWiki 1.3 release. Note that general feature requests should be discussed on the Feature Requests page, but feel free to add comments about items on this page below, or to suggest items already on the feature requests page for implementation in this release. If you would like to contribute to this release see How to Help.


Items Planned for Implementation

These are items that are on the TODO list for the next major release, although this is no guarantee that they will be implemented. Those items marked as "DONE" are committed to trunk and ready for release. Items marked as "IN PROGRESS" have code committed to trunk, but further work may be required for full completion. Items marked as "DEFERRED" will most likely not be included in JAMWiki 1.3 and will instead appear in a later release.

If a particular feature is of interest to you and you are willing to do some research, help with debugging, or write code, please leave a comment below and get involved - user enthusiasm is often a driving force behind getting features into a JAMWiki release.



In Progress

  • Update the UI on image pages to more closely match Mediawiki (thumbnails, dimensions, revision dates, etc).


  • None.


Obviously JAMWiki 1.3 is hugely behind schedule, and I apologize for that. There are two significant items that have kept me from cutting the first beta release:

  1. I have not yet been able to do must testing on databases other than Postgres and HSQL. Specifically, prior to pushing a beta release I like to do a test of the upgrade code on a few different databases to ensure that upgrading from JAMWiki 1.1 or JAMWiki 1.2 will not break.
  2. I'm excited about Charles' new time and date preference code, but currently it only applies to signatures. I think this may confuse users, so I'd like to expand it to apply to time and data in article histories, recent changes, etc.

If anyone can help out with these two tasks it will speed up the release process, otherwise I'll probably hold off on a 1.3 beta release until they can be resolved. Sorry for the delays! -- Ryan • (comments) • 17-Nov-2012 12:31 PST

revision 4206 updates code to use the timezone preference when displaying dates on pages such as article history, recent changes, etc. -- Ryan • (comments) • 26-Nov-2012 22:28 PST
See Tech:User Preferences#Updates. The changes so that time / date / time zone preferences are reflected on all pages have now been committed to trunk. -- Ryan • (comments) • 16:47, 06 December 2012 (PST)

I've gone through Jira and committed fixes for most of the easy-to-fix bugs, although they were all low impact so I pushed them in JAMWiki 1.2.4. The only new bug fixed that is specific to 1.3-beta1 is JAMWIKI-109, and while I'd like to have found and fix any other issues, since it's been a couple of weeks since beta1 I'm going to push beta2 this week. If anyone has a bug report or bug fix they're sitting on, please submit it ASAP. -- Ryan • (comments) • 22:02, 27 January 2013 (PST)