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Hi folks,

I am located in Berlin, Germany. I am a vivid Java hacker since 2002.
I hope, I can improve jamwiki user experience.


Personal To Dos[edit]

Some stuff I want to improve

Test Cases[edit]

  • ParserTest#parseResult: There is no need to retrieve the file at all. An input stream should suffice.


  • Analyze dependency trees and usage. Seems to be faulty.
done in revision 3349 -- Michael Osipov 25-Dec-2010 03:27 PST
  • Convert all source files to UTF-8
implicitly done in revision 3352 and revision 3353 -- Michael Osipov 25-Dec-2010 05:31 PST
  • Create Source Assembly
done in revision 3339 -- 22-Dec-2010 10:12 PST
  • Revisit report structure (post 1.0)
  • Rework building from source to reflect my last changes.
  • Handle unpack-deps for jamwiki-war differently to avoid exception during 'mvn test' (post 1.0)


  • Correct several translation properties in the German bundle (some are incorrect)

Source Code[edit]

  • Change WikiLogger to reflect Logback config file.
done in revision 3425 -- Michael Osipov 12-Jan-2011 06:01 PST
  • Reduce logging to least-failing configuration (best oob experience):
    • Due to the lack of knowledge about the target system, logging may fail initially:
      • No user dir
      • Active security manager which is unaware of the logfile config
      • other reasons
    • The remedy is really cheap, either you simply enable slf4j-simple which is guaranteed to work always or let LogBack log to std out and the container will redirect as appropriate.
second option done in JAMWiki 1.0 -- Michael Osipov 26-Jan-2011 05:19 PST


  • Improve in a way such it completely automatically retrieves the version
    • Maven generates a contains the appropriate information
    • Basic idea already exists in
  • Investigate programmatic upload to SourceForge downloads. Could be automated with maven-wagon-plugin.